Learn more about the company, its history, the values that drive it and discover the people behind Ecoploration.


Our mission is to provide a fun, fast and comfortable solution for people who want to visit the city’s tourist spots in a limited time.

Ecoploration means being able to discover in complete freedom, without effort and while being concerned about the environment.

Also, We want to make your trip unique and affordable. We know that traveling is expensive. This is why we offer you adapted and inexpensive solutions.

We aim to make the tours interactive and unique. Among other things with applications that will show you the paths to take or by navigating on one of our suggested routes.


Pierre Pringalle and Jean-François Robert are the two founders of Ecoploration. PP and JF are lovers of exploring major tourist cities. They visited Barcelona, ​​Paris, London, Geneva and many other cities. During their visits, they noticed that they were always pressed for time. “When you only have a few hours on-site, you only visit the most famous places”. But visiting a city is more than that. The electric scooter has established itself as the best vehicle for their visits. By dint of using them, PP and JF fell in love with electric scooters. “It is the best transport because it is clean, does not require any effort from the driver and it is faster than a bicycle. “. The electric scooter offers unparalleled driving pleasure.

When they arrive at tourist sites, they use an application that contains an audio guide and a GPS. They can have a coffee on the terrace because the scooter takes up little space / can fold and attach.

On their return from their trip, PP and JF decided to offer more fun and faster way to visit a city. With their experience, they provide you with high-quality electric scooters.


They are the leaders of the company and they are the ones who can answer all your questions. Do not hesitate and contact the team for more details or a reservation.


Pierre Pringalle


Jean-François Robert



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